Where to find quality sailboat reels


Sailboats are one of those boats that attract the attention of a specific public, formed in most cases by people who want to navigate the sea in a relaxed way, without much agitation, where what is sought, rather than speed, is to enjoy the scenery.
To navigate in a sailboat, it is necessary to know what is needed of special ropes that hold and maintain the sails of the sailboat in direction to the place where the person wishes to go. These ropes are fastened by special reels, which are easy to find in any nautical shop.
Look for them in the best place
The only detail that must be taken into account when buying a sailboat furler is that not all stores sell the best products on the market. Many stores have quality products that are not very good, which can end up with the expectations of consumers.
If you want to buy reels for very good quality sailboats, the best thing is to go to the services of Barcos.Online. This shop is considered one of the best of its kind in the digital market.
Variety of products
The store sells different types of genoa winders, all created under high quality standards, as this is what most consumers are looking for, quality first and foremost. These rollers have a very modern design, which can adapt very well to the style of the sailboat, in addition to being easily used by anyone.
Barcos.Online has managed to stand out in the market as one of the best online nautical shops there can be. Every day more and more consumers come to the store, as they see in it a guarantee of first class service and products with high standards of quality, which can not be easily found elsewhere similar, both physical and online.

Boats for rent in Ibiza

If you feel like cruising the coasts of Ibiza in a boat, the rental boats may be what you need.
At Barracuda Ibiza https://barracudaibiza.com you will find a wide variety of boats for rent to choose from.
Call WhatsApp on +34 649 633 299 or send an email to [email protected] and get your boat with or without a skipper.
In order to choose the one that best suits all your needs, Barracuda Ibiza will give us the advice we need. Follow them on Instagram Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Boats for rent to travel in Ibiza
Alen 42
This rental boat has capacity for up to 10 people, with 13.70m in length and 4.10 m beam its design of the year 2009 stands out for its light wood tones and breadth.
It has a cabin and a bathroom with shower, 2 engines Yanmar 400 HP that allow you to have a maximum speed of 30 Knots.
You can rent it for up to 1.250€.
Larson 288 LXi
This spacious boat has capacity for 12 people and is ideal for day charter and go out to Formentera whenever you want.
Discover each beach and cove is possible with this boat due to its low fuel consumption.
Its length is 10 meters, which allows you to anchor almost anywhere, being very useful when practicing a water sport.
It has 420 hp engines and a water capacity of up to 80 liters. Renting it will only cost you 550€ in low season.
Absolute 40 STL
Its length is 11.9 m and its beam is 4 m, with capacity for up to 9 people during the day and 2 people at night, as it has a cabin and a bathroom.
Its 2 320hp engines give it a maximum speed of 34 knots. It has hot water and air conditioning,
It also has LED lights and stereo radio with CD and MP3 player. You can rent this boat for up to 1.450€.
Astondoa 40 Open
With a capacity for 10 people, this boat is based in Santa Eulália. Its length is 12 m and its beam is 3.5 m.
It was manufactured in 2002 and its 2 Volvo Penta 320 CV engines give it a maximum speed of up to 34 knots.
It comes with autopilot, flaps, VHF, bathing platform, dinghy and snorkeling equipment. And you can rent it for 900€.
Vanquish VQ 54
It has capacity for up to 10 people and its mooring takes place in Marina Ibiza. With a length of 16.50m and a beam of 4.85m, this ship has a cabin.
Its two 800 HP MAN engines consume 200 l/h and its rental price is 2,804€.
Where can I rent?
To rent one of these boats you only have to contact https://barracudaibiza.com , who will tell you the engine and the model that best suits your needs.
You can pay, with or without skipper, a boat to explore the place on the island we want. Because the charter boats are based in Santa Eulalia, San Antonio and the port of Ibiza which makes it easier to navigate the area of the coast that you like.
Choose one of the rental boats offered and get to know Ibiza and Formentera like never before.

Where to find boat stuff


Boat lovers need a place to find boat stuff. Not all shops are the same and there are some that are better than others, but it is up to each person to determine which is the ideal nautical shop to satisfy their needs.
Of all the nautical shops in Spain, one of the best is barcos.online, a company that has been in the market for years accumulating experience. This company has more than 15 years in the market reaping a positive reputation among thousands of consumers.
The first option
barcos.online has become the first choice for those who want quality and reasonable prices. The company has an online nautical shop, created so that people can find what they are looking for in a short time, without having to leave their homes and without having to limit themselves to things for boats that can fit into a small space of a conventional shop.
The shop of the navigator boats.online, is characterized by the great variety of nautical accessories online that can be found. The company has an infinite number of special equipment for boats, regardless of the type of boat, from traditional boats to sailboats.
Sailboats are the most popular
Sailboats are becoming more and more popular, so the shop has sailing boat stuff for sailboat enthusiasts.
It is possible to find nautical accessories of all kinds in a short time with the help of the product, nautical materials developed with European technology, so there is no reason to feel distrustful when acquiring the product.
For those who are looking for something more technical, barcos.online has special products such as nautical spare parts. This type of products are common for those who know well how a boat works and want to buy spare parts to keep the boat in good condition or improve the way it sails.

High quality lifeboats


Safety is one of the things you can’t miss on a sea voyage. Although you should always go on a trip by the sea with a positive mind, this does not mean that the person should not be alert in case of any quality at sea, which may be more frequent than you think.
There are many safety products that can never be missing on a boat, but the most important is the lifeboat. These boats are the guarantee that nothing bad will happen to the person in the event that the boat where it sinks or suffers a breakdown on a large scale.
Lifeboats have become so indispensable that it’s no surprise that every nautical product store has boats of all styles. Of all the stores that sell these products, the best in the market is barcos.online, considered the store of those who like quality first and foremost.
The store is characterized by selling products online, without having a chain of physical stores that can cover a lot of space and can become somewhat uncomfortable for those who want to buy as soon as possible, without having to make a trip to a nautical store, which in most cases, is in a strategic area away from urban shopping centers.
Extensive product line
barcos.online has an extensive line of lifeboats, all developed under high quality standards, taking into account all the standards required by law for these boats to be considered safe.
The boats can withstand all types of weather and changes in the sea, in addition to ensuring a refuge for the harsh weather conditions that can face a person stranded at sea.